Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal is an awesome Time Waster

A couple of months ago, our friends over at TUAW wrote about Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal for iOS. And I'm here today to tell you this momentous game is now available as a Time Waster for the rest of us -- and it's free! In terms of gameplay, what can I say? You're a robot unicorn and you attack while grooving to heavy metal, which is probably why the game is called Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal!

To be a tad more clinical about it, the game can be described as a platformer, but each run is fairly short-lived. You launch from the left side of the screen, hitting Z to leap into the air. Once you gain a bit of speed, you can hit X to dash forward. You can also hit Z to double-jump (i.e, jump up while still airborne). With a clever combination of Z and X, you might not touch the ground for quite a while.

However, not touching the ground isn't enough to win: the level changes, and there are cliffs and all sorts of tricky topography. Run into a wall, and you die. The goal is to continue moving for as long as possible. If you're into heavy metal and unicorns, you owe it to yourself to try this game.

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