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Flickr Schedulr lets you create an automated queue of uploads to Flickr

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Flickr Schedulr -- schedule photo uploads
Flickr, like all social networks, can be gamed. Yes, you can simply upload photos to share them with friends and family, but for many users -- the Flickrites -- there's a whole lot more to it than that. For the elite few -- the Flickr version of 'social media experts' -- it's all about garnering exposure, and thus accruing views and comments. Ultimately, I guess there are dreams and delusions of grandeur, and surely some people manage to make money out of the whole process -- but just like every other Internet dream, I'm sure the most people fail and fade into obscurity.

One of the oldest rules of Flickr is not to flood your stream with new images. If you upload five photos, you automatically bump four photos from the top of your stream, most-visible spot. It's like publishing five blog posts, or spamming a bunch of tweets! Your contacts have also probably enabled the 'show only one photo' option, so if they're browsing recent uploads, they'll only see one photo anyway. It's much better to upload one photo each day, for five days -- and that's where Flickr Schedulr comes in!

With Schedulr, you create upload batches, and then decide on when and how often you want images to be uploaded -- but one a day is the default, for good reason.
Batches can be any size, and you can mass-edit tags and descriptions for uploads. You can set which set and group you want photos to be uploaded to, too. The only other feature is that you can tie it to multiple accounts, but I doubt many people keep multiple Flickr accounts -- still, it's nice to have the option, if you're a mega-power-user.

Flickr Scheduler lets you sit down, set up some uploads for a week or month or year in advance -- and that's it. It lets you get back to the real problem at hand: taking good photos.

[If anyone knows of a Mac Flickr uploader with scheduling, please leave a comment!]

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