Monday, November 29, 2010

Google's HTML5 e-book begins to appear in newspapers

Google HTML5 '20 things' in printIn yesterday's copy of the Los Angeles Times, a print version of Google's new 20 Things e-book has been found. The clipping relates to the Cloud Computing chapter of the book, but the chapter number doesn't match up.

This is an obvious, and genius step for Google. Not only are they capitalizing on the book's great illustrations, but they're also dragging the untechnological masses kicking and screaming into the HTML5 future. The reader sees the print advertisement, loads up the website... and sees an e-book that looks just like a real book!

Less obvious, but more impressive, is the fact that Google isn't pushing Chrome as the only choice of modern browser. The 'What Browser?' site that the e-book points to features a Windowsesque 'Browser Ballot', with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera all being shuffled randomly.

It looks as if Google might be taking a leaf from Microsoft's Beauty of the Web book. Looking at the bigger picture, an up-to-date Web is infinitely more powerful and interesting than a crusty and antiquated Web. Everyone stands to gain from an HTML5-enabled Web, including Google.

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