Monday, October 25, 2010

Scriptish add-on brings legacy-free Greasemonkey to Firefox 4

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I depend upon certain Greasemonkey scripts. They're not just for prettying up the Web or making it less distracting; I even have some home-brewed scripts that I use right here in Download Squad as part of my writing process. Not having access to these scripts is one of the key things that's kept me from making the switch to Firefox 4.

Enter Scriptish. According to its author, Erik Vold, Scriptish removes a lot of the legacy code that's been holding Greasemonkey back, and it utilizes everything that Firefox 4 has to offer.

Scriptish is not compatible with anything older than Firefox 4. Vold says he created the add-on due to the slow pace in which Greasemonkey development has been moving and some of the decisions taken by its developers:

"The trouble I found while trying to contribute to GM is that the maintainers don't really want to alter the code base, they're actually seem [sic] to be fine with doing the minimum necessary and bug fixing for the rest of the future, at least that is how it seemed to me after writing quite a few patches which were rejected, either outright, or by degradation (meaning I would have to basically redo everything, on crappy architecture, because they've sat on their hands for so long)."

So, there are definitely some politics at work here. When I tried using my home-brewed script with Scriptish, I couldn't get it to work. Maintaining a Greasemonkey fork is a big responsibility, so here's hoping that Vold is up to the job. Better yet, here's hoping that he gets some help from the community (and that my script starts working!).

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